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How to Protect Your Relevance from Extinction

           Just when you think you’ve read every book on how to stay relevant as

            a leader in the workplace, you stumble upon this DINOSAUR book.                         What incredible insights presented in a fun to read format!


 –  Anne Perry, 3L Advisor on how to Optimize your Business,
                   Performance, & Cultural Environment

Leaders must recognize what is standing in the way of their success.  Never Trust A Happy Dinosaur identifies key obstacles and how to avoid them.  Lead by example and protect the workplace relevance of you and your team.


Workplaces come with many obstacles.  They may be your employees, your co-workers, and possibly even yourself. The key to protecting your workplace relevance is to identify who is getting in the way of your success.  Never Trust A Happy Dinosaur can help.


Use our Dino-assessment tool, find out if you are stomping about the workplace like one of our Dinos! >>>

Or you can simply review the different Stages of Dino-Evolution here.    >>>


In praise of Never Trust a Happy Dinosaur . . . What struck me immediately is the fact that dinosaurs are not new, there are just more of them today. And the speed at which they appear is directly related to the increasing pace of change. In the ‘80s, we all knew who the dino or two were in the workplace, but we worked around them. Today, unhealthy workplaces are fostering the species’ survival, literally. Jason’s quotes and examples are clearly based on real examples. Their accuracy had me visualizing past and present co-workers, and identifying their behaviors. More importantly, it challenged me to assess my own relevance, and how I can continuously develop myself, and those around me, towards ongoing collective success.

– Marc Brown CHRO,

    SVP HR Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

Jason has provided a great 'maintenance manual’ to remind us all that remaining relevant is a constant journey of adaptation. Never Trust a Happy Dinosaur is an easy concise read that uses humor to describe toxic personalities and offer insights on fixing your own “Dino tendencies” or work with Dinos around you. A recommended read for everyone!


 – R. Brenneman, CEO ROX Medical



Jason is a Change Strategist, Master Trainer, Executive Advisor, and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach with significant Fortune 100 experience. He guides dedicated professionals in supporting rapid organizational growth and enduring personal development. 


Over the last nine years, Jason was the architect of manager and leadership development programs for Verizon Telematics’ global operations, encompassing over 3,000 people in more than 30 countries. He was the first training specialist for Home Depot and his 17-year career gave him the opportunity to influence and change what and how the organization trained its employees and managers, including a change initiative that impacted over 150,000 employees.  


Most recently, Jason authored the book Never Trust a Happy Dinosaur: How to Protect Your Relevance from Extinction.  A book reviewed as “an easy concise read that uses humor to describe toxic personalities [in the workplace]…A recommended read for everyone!”


Jason employs a thoughtful provocation approach to coaching and development, always challenging his clients to stretch their points of view and their personal and team targets. This includes volunteer work with The Honor Foundation where he helps Navy and Marine Special Operators apply their considerable skills and experience to making a positive difference beyond the military.  


Jason’s specialties include strengths-based leadership, rapid organizational growth, chaos and ambiguity, leadership development, and making the obvious visible. 


Contact for keynotes, executive team coaching and workshops.



Never Trust A Happy Dinosaur  is now available online at
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