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How to Protect Your Relevance from Extinction

What's a Workplace Dinosaur?

Being a workplace dinosaur is not about age or any other unchangeable characteristic. Also, it isn’t about technical literacy. Relevance is developed and renewed by continuously developing and productively contributing your talents in new ways.

A workplace dinosaur is any one of us who have lost relevance. Frighteningly, we might not be aware of it. This irrelevance can start very young or happen slowly over time. However, those who have fully devolved or who have always been throwbacks share the following characteristics.

1. They never seek input or feedback.

2. They get in the way of positive progress.

3. They squander opportunities to contribute.

4. They are immune to even the most heroic efforts to

help them.

My upcoming book, Never Trust a Happy Dinosaur is the quintessential reference for identifying, avoiding, and manipulating the nine workplace dinosaurs found in almost every workplace.

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