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How to Protect Your Relevance from Extinction

What's #Working@Work?

If you saw my blog last week, you know that I’m embarking on the Hidden Leader Road Trip and Documentary.

Between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, I’ll be covering over 10,000 miles and 38 states. My goal is to interview 100 unsung change makers, provide 200 free mini-career coaching sessions, and give up to 10 half-day workshops on career fit—all pro bono.

Watch next week for my Call for Nominations. This is your opportunity to suggest someone for me to interview along my route. I"m looking for people who inspire, engage, and help people stay relevant in the workplace. These could be corporate leaders, a small business person, or someone running a fishing boat or a dance company. The point is the people. The last time I checked, that includes all of us.

I will also be releasing an important tool that can shave a couple years off your search for the perfect career fit. I’m referring to my “Where Do You Fit?” self-selection tool that reveals which of seven business archetypes is your best fit in the workplace.

So, watch for my Call for Nominations, the “Where Do You Fit?” tool, my new website, and lots of information on the Hidden Leader Road Trip and how to participate as a sponsor, patron, client, or fan. In the meantime, let me know in the comments “What’s #Working@Work?” for you.

See you on the road!

Note: Prior posting of this blog referrenced the impending voyage as the American Workplace Relevance Road Trip.

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